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Award Winning Facilitator, Coach and Management Consultant


Gabrielle is an award-winning management trainer, coach and thought leader. Passionate about building great businesses, exceptional management teams and changing the world for the better.

She has trained well over one thousand managers and entrepreneurs and has worked strategically with hundreds of organisations of all shapes and sizes, locally and internationally. Gabrielle knows first- hand the challenges faced by managers and founders attempt to grow their business, increase employee well-being, create more meaningful work and build commercially strong and highly energised organisations.

Gabrielle has also co-founded Achiiva, a mobile coaching platform for professional coaches and has worked with hundreds of coaches and their clients globally during product development. This experience has led her to become the global leader in digital/micro-coaching. It has also placed her as a leader in the field of training coaches and managers to create powerful and accelerated outcomes.

Unknown to most, Gabrielle started her career as an accountant and she continues to draw on her accounting, financial and legal knowledge to support managers and entrepreneurs to develop critical skills necessary in today’sā€™ business world.

Gabrielle is a frequent speaker at conferences and is well known for her fun, engaging and highly educational workshops aimed at delivering practical and actionable outcomes.

Breakout Workshop

June 21, 2:15 pm - 3:00 pm

Get yourself covered

Clarity is not a dirty word!

In this fun and interactive session, Gabby will share some tips and tricks to structure your proposals and contracts so that you maximise revenue (and value), enhance your cash flow, simplify your invoicing and improve client communication.

The result ā€“ practical and professional proposals and pitches every time, and improved client relationships

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