Joshua Knight

Head of Consultancy, Facilit8d


Joshua Knight is the Head of Consultancy – Organisational & Behavioural Change Management, at Facilit8ed.
Joshua is the TEDx OneMinuteTalk 2016 Winner, for his talk on temperament and redefining our approach to children.

Recognised as a ‘Change Jedi’ by clients and industry colleagues, he is a Professional Facilitator with global experience and expertise in Behavioural & Emotional Analysis, Behavioural Change and Business Transformation.

Joshua brings over 25 years of that experience facilitating results through Change Management, Process
Consulting, and Organisational Development with Governments, and Multinational Corporations in the Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Education, Allied Health, Not for Profit, and Automotive industries.

Recent global projects have seen Joshua embedding sustainable results across four continents. He serves on advisory boards, is the National President of the Australian Association of Psychological Type, a Fellow with the Institute for Learning Professionals, and a featured Speaker and Facilitator at industry conferences.

Joshua works with Business Owners, C-Suite Executives, Industry Leaders, as well as other Facilitators and Educators, and is engaged globally by organisations for organisational and behavioural change expertise.

Interactive Workshop

11:00 am - 122:00 pm, 22 June 2018

High Value Blueprinting

The Art, Science & How-to of Value Adding and Differentiation For You & Your Programs

We’ve asked Joshua Knight, ‘Change Jedi’ back again this year to facilitate this practical, interactive workshop that culminates the Learning Success Blueprint Summit.

Have you ever asked the question, “How do I just get a seat at the table?” Or, “What else do I need to do to get buy-in and approval?”

Rather than wishing for a seat at the table, what if you knew how to strategically reposition the table? How to Value Add and Differentiate so that decision makers and learners value you and your programs?

What if you knew the top 3 reasons why Business Leaders buy or approve services such as L&D?

What if you knew the top 3 risk factors that Procurement or Department Heads look for, and mitigate against when approving services such as L&D?

What would happen If you were shown how to build these into your own High Value Blueprint, business case or proposal that repositioned that table you wanted a seat at?

Joshua has a genuine interest in empowering those around him (just like you) and embedding capability that has seen businesses around the globe competing for his service. He has a proven track record in translating strategies and blueprints into action, in facilitating change.

And that’s why we’ve asked Joshua Knight, ‘Change Jedi’ back again this year to facilitate this practical, and interactive workshop.

This hands-on workshop will facilitate you through both the strategic and tactical aspects of Value Adding and Differentiation for you and your programs or services.

If you want to be branded as offering safe, ordinary training or learning initiatives that are seen as a cost (to be minimised or reduced) then please Don’t attend this workshop.

If you want the Art, Science & How-to of Value Adding and Differentiation for You and Your Programs, then grab your marker pens and post-it notes and we’ll see you in the High-Value Blueprinting workshop at 11:00am on Day 2 of the Summit.

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