Raf Dolanowski

Digital Learning Advisor


Raf has been working with digital learning technology and multimedia for over 10 years. As a Digital Learning Advisor at Pure Learning, he works with businesses all across Australia to improve the way they use technology to learn, train and support their staff. This includes developing digital learning strategies, improving their existing eLearning and up-skilling L&D teams to get better at designing effective learning experiences.

Breakout Session

1.30 pm - 2.15 pm, 21 June 2018

Accessible by design

Accessibility has a serious PR problem, it’s really just not that sexy. I want to make Accessibility be a trending L&D topic for 2018.
In this workshop, we’ll discuss ideas and methods to design for accessibility from the start, and in a way that will provide a positive and engaging learning experience for all learners.

By applying a bit of critical thinking, a dash of empathy and a dollop of design-thinking, accessibility can be accessible to everyone.

Don’t let accessibility be a technical afterthought.

Contact Info

Phone : 0400426635
Email :  raf@purelearning.com.au