Simone de Haas

The Speaker's Director


Simone de Haas has a brilliance with stage and story that has been honed by a creatively inspired career of over 30 years.

As The Speakers’ Director, Simone designs and facilitates ‘Storytelling for Sales’ and ‘Storytelling for Leaders’ programs which she has delivered across Australia and New Zealand. Simone creates captivating, persuasive and inspiring Keynotes, Workshops and Break-out Sessions that generate break-through experiences in her audiences.

Simone is a multi-award-winning Theatre Director, Producer and Performer, as well as an Acting Coach for Film, Television & Theatre. She has won theatre industry awards including the coveted Matilda Award for Directing, Acting & Design and an ABC Radio Bell Award for Best Production and Best Director.

Simone focuses her multiple creative talents on developing signature stories for Leaders & Teams and is a Leadership Communication Expert & Corporate Story Strategist, Executive Speaking Coach, Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Expert. She is the Founder/Creator of the signature Speaker training program, Speaking Alchemy™. 

Simone is the c

Immediate Past President of Professional Speakers’ Australia (Qld/NT). She has worked as a Lecturer (Acting) at Griffith University (Qld Conservatorium) for the Bachelor of Musical Theatre and as Sessional Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology in Performance Studies, as well as Guest Director for the Opera Studio at the University of Southern Queensland. 

Breakout Workshop

2:15 pm - 3:00 pm, 21 June 2018

Ditch the Data, Sell the Story

Storytelling for Learning Professionals

Stories can be powerful business tools, and successful leaders use them to engage their teams, drive sales and engage with clients.

In the world of the Learning Professional, learning that is structured around a narrative or story as a means of sense-making creates deeper engagement. Creative story-telling is the ‘glue’ that connects your story to their story and weaves your content into their life.

With this in mind it stands to reason that if you want to create greater personal influence, you need to learn how to tell a good story.

Stories can change the way we think, feel and act, and if you want to learn how to leverage your stories to build trust, credibility and influence your audience, then you need to learn how to Ditch the Data, Sell the Story